New Here?

What can you expect the first time you come to Peace?

[box type=”tick”]You can come as you are. This is about more than just clothes. You don’t have to be perfect when you come here—we’re not. But God loves us anyhow.[/box]

[box type=”tick”]You can relax and blend in. You can rest assured you won’t be singled-out, asked to stand, or embarrassed in any way.[/box]

[box type=”tick”]You can worship the way you’re most comfortable. During the singing, feel free to sit or stand or simply be quiet and pray. We believe that God is more concerned with our hearts than with our personal worship styles, so we don’t try to make a ‘big production’ out of what we do. We just want to be real with God and give Him the worship He deserves.[/box]

[box type=”tick”]You can be assured your kids are well-cared for. Whether in Sunday School or in the nursery, your children are being cared for by safe, fun and dedicated people. They’ll have a great time![/box]

[box type=”tick”]After worship, you can make yourself at home. You’ll find some of the best homemade refreshments in Durham, and we also have dinner after worship on the first Sunday of every month. There’s always plenty, and it’s always good![/box]

[box type=”tick”]You are welcome here. Our worship service lasts for an hour, and we use both traditional as well as contemporary music. Many of our visitors tell us they feel God’s presence and peace as soon as they walk in the door. We hope you will too![/box]

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