We asked. They answered.

We recently asked some of the people who worship here what being a part of our church family means to them.  Here’s how they responded…

“This wonderful, sweet church brings exactly what its name implies.  I receive Jesus’ peace and direct message to my life every Sunday.”

“Peace Church takes me totally as I am—unconditionally.”

 “When you walk up to the cross on our prayer path, you can feel Jesus’ presence.”

“This is a church that really prays for me and my family.”

 “I don’t know why the Lord led me here, but I’m so glad He did!”

God is at work here in beautiful ways.  Many who visit here for the first time tell us they sense something different as soon as they walk in the door.  We have been deeply blessed, but these are blessings we can’t keep to ourselves.  We hope you’ll come share them with us this Sunday!