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  • So Much to Be Thankful For!

    God continues to do beautiful things at Peace. We’re continuing our two-year read through God’s Word (the sermons are drawn from that each Sunday), and the love that our members have for each other is lived out in real and practical ways. New occasions to experience God’s power through prayer continue to arise. Opportunities to…

  • “We’re Debt Free!”

    If you’ve ever listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio, you’ll notice he frequently has folks on the show who have just paid all of their bills. On the count of three, they shout in unison, “We’re debt free!” It’s an incredible accomplishment. And now, because of God’s amazing provision in answer to prayer, we’re…

  • We asked. They answered.

    We recently asked some of the people who worship here what being a part of our church family means to them.  Here’s how they responded… “This wonderful, sweet church brings exactly what its name implies.  I receive Jesus’ peace and direct message to my life every Sunday.” “Peace Church takes me totally as I am—unconditionally.”  “When you walk up…

  • Check out this interview!

    Our pastor (Dr. James Banks) was recently interviewed by Daniel Henderson and the 6:4 Fellowship about what it means to pray the Bible’s prayers (the subject of his newest book).  Here’s what he had to say: Prayer is one of the beautiful things God is doing at our church.   

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